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Setting a lower starting bid often results in more bids for your property, and ultimately, a higher sales price for your property. For best results, it is recommended that you set the starting bid as low as possible.

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For best results, we recommend listing for a period of approximately 14 business days. A property listed for this time period will receive optimal views, and will be more likely to result in the successful sale of your property.

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Benefits of selling a property on

  • NO LISTING FEES! List properties for sale on absolutely FREE!

  • NO ClOSING FEES! Regardless of what your property sells for, you pay No commission!

  • QUICK SALE! Auction listings attract serious buyers who are ready with cash for immediate purchase. No waiting for months on end, for offer after offer to fall through!

  • MAXIMUM EXPOSURE! Listings are syndicated to the largest real estate websites in the world, including Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo Homes, and many more! Additionally, listings are syndicated and advertised through major websites such as Craigslist and Google! More views equals more interested buyers, which means a higher sales price for your property!

  • EASY LISTING PROCESS! See “Steps for Listing a Property” below.


Steps for listing a property:

Before the Auction:

1. Sign up for an account…registration is Free!

2. Complete the Property Submission form and submit for preview.

3. A preview page will then load, letting you view the listing as it will appear on the site. You may edit the listing to make changes if needed.

4. Once satisfied, click the “finalize” button to make your listing live.

5. Listing will then be made live, and viewable to millions of potential bidders worldwide.


After the Auction:

1. After auction close, you will receive an email, letting you know if there was a winning bidder.

2. If there was a winning bidder, your email will contain a summary of the amount due to you, as well as the winning bidder’s contact information.

3. Per our Terms of Service, you must contact the winning bidder within 1 day of auction close to coordinate the finalization of the transaction.

how to sell a house fast



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